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Floyd's Pelican Bar on the Sea

Too Cool? This now famous bar is anchored on a sand bar about a 15 minute boat ride from shore in Parottee Bay in the Parish of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica.

Expecting chic chic drinks, umbrellas and beautiful people in elegant resort wear? Not!
Well, the people are beautiful - local fishermen and chill out folks visiting Jamaica from around the world. Bathing suits or casual hot weather gear are the norm. Bare feet, water shoes or running shoes work well, as the driftwood underfoot is uneven.

Floyd’s Pelican Bar (owned by Floyd Forbes) is a funky, unique and seriously fun bar which gives visitors an experience they will cherish.

St. Elizabeth is a pretty parish on the South Coast of Jamaica and a trip to Floyd’s Pelican Bar makes a great day trip from Negril (about 1 ½ hrs) , Montego Bay (about 1 ½ hrs) or nearby Treasure Beach (by car or by boat).

The bar is stilted into a large sand bar, made of driftwood and covered with palm fronds. Don’t think indoor and tables and chairs….this bar has sea breezes blowing though it and lots of open air piers leading off the main bar.

Guests have left colourful mementos from home which makes for a very colourful casual hang out spot.

The local fishermen hang out, socialize and play dominoes but they also supple the fresh fish and lobster that Floyd cooks on order for you. Add rice and peas and you have a true Jamaican meal that couldn’t be fresher. The bar (no wait staff here) serves cold beer, rum and coke and soft drinks.

Many folks enjoy their meal on the piers that spread out from the main area. Who doesn’t want to sit on a rustic pier overlooking the Caribbean to savour their meal while they watch the many pelicans who gave the bar its name? You may be there when the fishermen arrive with their fresh catch and you can choose which and what type of fish you want for lunch.

No electricity at Floyd’s Pelican Bar so bring cash for drinks and meals (also no washroom so take care of that before you get on the boat to the bar :>).
Chill out for as long as you want and swim in the warm, clear, turquoise, Caribbean Sea that comes up to your waist.

It’s a unique spot and you need to take a boat from Parottee Bay for the 15 min ride to Floyd's which is about ¾ mile from shore. We always get a boat ride from local Basil’s Bar in Parottee. Let your boat captain know approximately when you want to return. Parottee Bay isn’t far from Black River, Jamaica so you could combine a Black River Tour on the same day.

No handrails, uneven floors and not recommended for kids but if you want a very different fun day make sure you include a trip to Floyd’s Pelican Bar on your next stay in Jamaica.

Check out our photos and videos to get a closer look at this fun tour.

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