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To book your adventure please complete this form.
You will be contacted at the phone number or email address supplied for confirmation and payment options.

Refunds for Dolphin Cove only available 7 days or more prior to arrival in Jamaica.
No refunds within 7 days of arrival.

If you are coming from a cruise ship you must arrange all adventures with your shore excursion manager.
(We can't book this for you)
If you are staying at a Sandals property you must arrange your Dolphin Experience through them.

Please note: All information is for Onestop and Dolphin Cove's use only and will be kept in the strictest confidence.

Tours are not booked until full payment is made and voucher is issued.

We require 3 days advance for booking Dolphin Cove
Full payment due by credit card at time of booking

We cannot take reservations made within 48 hours of program date

Dates Available
Please specify the date range during which you are available for the tour. We will suggest alternative dates in the event we are booked full on your requested date.





"Admission" Program Dolphin Cove Negril
(Admission Program is included with all other programs)





"Encounter" Program
Free of charge for under 3. Must be accompanied by paying adult. One adult for each child 5 years and under.





"Swim With a Dolphin" Program
Children Up to 11 years must be accompanied by paying adult.




"Ultimate Swim With Dolphins" Program
Children 8-12 must be accompanied by paying adult.










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