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For those of you who don't know,
the term "dj" doesn't refer to a guy
sitting behind a turntable spinning records.
In Jamaica the "dj" is a practitioner of "Dancehall" music,
Jamaica's answer to American "Hip-Hop" music.
The "dj's" are broken into two camps:
The one deals with violent overthrow and sex.
The other searches for ways to the same end through love.
I'm sure you can tell which "camp" we're in!!
Lion Timpo Lion Timpo
Both Susan and I were very pleased to meet Lion Timpo
A very personable dj with great attitude and a humble demeanour.
We wish him well in his dj adventure.
We have not heard him perform as yet
but we'll keep an eye open for him in the future.
Heart Bless

The name speaks for him.
Heart Bless
Three entertainers who perform together.
From left to right:
Emmanual Stain
Tony Able
Heart Bless