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Zimbali Retreat Staff

Zimbali Retreats - Canaan Mountain

Zimbali Retreats - Canaan Mountain

Eco-friendly, Spa, Eco Friendly, Organic, Meals and fruit drinks included, Coffee Bar

Zimbali Retreats is the end result of years of dedication and love.
Come and experience the peace and tranquility that only being close to nature can bring.
Immersed in the silence of the mountains or lulled by the sound of the sea; sleep like you’ve never slept, feel like you’ve never felt as your mind slows and you begin to hear.
Allow Mark, Alicia and the Zimbali family to take you back in time and share with you a way of life that has always existed: Harmony with nature.
Being located in the tropics allows Zimbali Retreats to benefit from Mother Nature year round.

Zimbali Retreats - Canaan Mountain

  • A 5 Star Jamaican Experience like no other
  • An Eden in the Mountains
  • Only 20 minutes from Negril
  • Feel the Drums and Culture Alive in the Hills
  • Rest in Complete Comfort & Peace
  • From ‘Serenity Spa’ to Fun at the ‘Reggae Bar’-
  • Come and Share the Real Jamaica with us.

Zimbali is more than just a retreat from your everyday life. It is a place to come and share the real culture that Jamaica is famous for. When you decide, you can slip seamlessly into the the levity of Rastafari, drumming, Artists and African yoga- all while staying in complete comfort and with 5 star food - of course.

Zimbali is a gateway for you to come and explore this real culture on your own pace and in your own way. Come with an open heart and let us share this natural beauty with you.

Mountain Lodging
At Zimbali Retreats we fuse modern technology with an ancient and natural way of life. Come and stay in complete comfort while you reconnect with Mother Nature and yourself. This retreat was designed to surround you with the beauty and peacefulness of nature. Every accommodation has its own unique personality and entice you to both explore and relax at the same time. All rooms come standard with queen beds, coffee service in room, snacks, Fresh spring water, books and porches for relaxing.

Amenities in every room:

  • Private Porch
  • Complimentary WiFi
  • Coffee in Room
  • Snacks in Room
Mountain Suite I and Mountain Suite II - 1 Queen Bed & 1 Single Bed can be added
The suites are in a single structure which has 2 identical units side by side with a common back porch which are seperate or can open a door to share; each porch features double hammocks. It is perfect for single couples or couples traveling together who want to share the experience. Both rooms have private bathrooms, queen size beds and can support single beds as well. The porches overlook our bird watching area which draws birds of all varieties in mornings and late afternoons. We have had guests spend their entire vacations on this porch and leave completely fulfilled!
Max occupancy 3 people (Suite I) | 2 people (Suite II)

Mountain Cottage - 1 Queen Bed & 1 Single Bed can be added
The Mountain Cottage is a stand-alone single cottage with bathroom and is perfect for relaxing. It features a queen size bed and can support a single bed as well. The cottage has a lovely porch overlooking the farm with which to sip your Blue Mountain coffee in the morning or write in your journal at Days end.
Max occupancy 2 people

Mountain Villa - 2 Queen Bed & 1 Single Bed can be added
The Villa has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom downstairs and is perfect for families. The large master bedroom has a queen bed and easily holds a single bed as well. It has its own private porch overlooking the farm for relaxing and is very cool and spacious. The second room features a queen bed as well and is very comfortable.
Max occupancy 5 people

Sweet Blue - 1 Queen Bed & 1 Single Bed can be added
Sweet Blue is our newest addition to Zimbali and is very private room- perfect for when you really want to just chill. Featuring a speperate sleeping quarters, this room is also known as "sleep 'til noon"; everyone claims they have never slept so well. Double hammocks only make the problem worse- as you will never want to leave your porch :)
Max occupancy 4 people

Sweet Love - 1 Queen Bed & 1 Single Bed can be added
The Mountain Cottage is a stand-alone single cottage with bathroom and is perfect for relaxing. It features a queen size bed and can support a single bed as well. The cottage has a lovely porch overlooking the farm with which to sip your Blue Mountain coffee in the morning or write in your journal at Days end.
Max occupancy 6 people


Zimbali Retreat Farm Tour Cooking Studio Meals

At Zimbali Retreats, your meals are their highest pleasure. When checking in, all guests receive a fresh fruit juice. The juices are made fresh daily by their very own juic-ologist Auntie Miss Dee. Hand squeezed and heavy on the Jamaican ginger, you will find yourself looking forward to each day’s new creation.

Next stop is to meet the chefs. Zimbali takes great pride in being able to cook for any palate or diet choice. Questions about allergies, traditions, like & dislikes & spice level help the chefs to tailor your meals to optimize your Zimbali Foodie experience.

At Zimbali they specialize in Chicken, Fish, Conch, Lobster, Vegetarian and Vegan options, served in many delightful ways; however no red meat is ever served. Meals are usually served on the Villa back porch with views overlooking the farm. This is a time where you really meet new friends and share your experience with others who have just happened to cross your path in this beautiful place. However, meals can always be taken in your room or in the Bar area as well. Like all food served at Zimbali, they are constantly trying to maximize the farm to bring you the freshest foods and fruits available.

Zimbali does not use a menu. Daily their chefs prepare your meals with love and creativity using the freshest ingredients available. Your taste buds will have a front row seat for this Jamaican fusion journey - all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride. Snacks are always available in your room and they use a simple selection of Jamaican made snacks such as coconut cookies, Ginger biscuits, Banana & Plantain chips and whatever else we can find that looks good ?Jamaican coffee is always brewing in a self-serve style.

A simple sample menu might be:

Breakfast - Fresh Juice - Vegetable omelet w/ Callaloo and fried plantain or Pineapple Pancakes with our Honey sauce.

Lunch - Fresh Juice - Hummus w/ fresh vegetables or a stir fried vegetables wrap with a homemade dipping sauce.

- Fresh Juice- Cream of Pumpkin Soup or Salad w/ homemade fruit vinaigrette- lovely main course (too many to choose from) and a fresh dessert.

These are truly just simple examples to whet your appetite. The chefs are constantly changing it up and creativity is always on the front burner. Their favorite comment, which they receive often is: “I was full the entire time I was here, but have never felt better."

Organic Farm

Zimbali Retreat Organic Farm Organic Farm

Located in a tropical mountain valley, complete with river and spring, this farm is the greatest of all Mother Nature’s gifts. And it is this gift that allows Zimbali Retreats to achieve almost 100% off grid status. In this paradise we have planted over 500 fruit trees of all varieties and over 700 pieces of fruit from pineapple to banana and plantain.

This farm is 100% organic, and only organic fertilizers and compost are used; this leaves us cutting a lot of grass and pulling a lot of weeds by hand; we perform this work in thanks, as a labor of love. As vegetarians, we derive as much as 75% of our food and spices from “our back yard”. We believe that in the future, people are going to want to know more where their food comes from.

We welcome you to come and experience this dedication to a most natural lifestyle. There are very few places on earth where this opportunity even exists. Whether up in the mountains or down by the sea, come and live by the rhythm of nature and discover the peace within.

Fresh Fruits from the Organic Garden

This farm was planted with health and self-sufficiency as the goal and has many rare fruits. Some examples are: Coconut, banana, plantain, pineapple, avocado, mango, sour soup (otherwise known as Graviola- this is considered a new cure for cancer), cashew, mountain sop, star apple, star fruit, walnut, black zapote, Ackee, lychee, lemon, lime, noni, papaya, cocoa, 5 kinds of orange, grapefruit, tangerine, ateoke apple, sasumba and plum.

Fresh Fruit

Zimbali Retreat Fresh Juice Fresh Fruit

Zimbali takes pride in making fresh fruit juices daily. Each is lovingly prepared by our very own juic-ologist Auntie Miss Dee. Hand squeezed and heavy on the Jamaican ginger, you will find yourself looking forward to each day’s new creation.

Working with the seasons, many favorites are Mango, Sour Sop, Sorrel and Pineapple as well as many Ms. Dee “secret” combinations. Jamaican ginger is second to none and its health benefits and back of the tongue “zing” and make every juice reach to the next level of flavor.

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