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Currency, Banks & Money

Jamaican or American currency is readily accepted in Jamaica.

If you are going to convert your money to JA we strongly advise you to do so in Jamaica.
Larger restaurants will have prices in US but will easily convert the bill to JA for you.
Grocery stores, gift shops etc will be priced in US (or JA dollars).
Smaller local stores or beach vendors may only accept JA and do not accept credit cards.
Taxis will accept US or JA.

Major banks - are National Commercial Bank, RBTT, and Scotiabank.
Normal bank hours are 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM Monday to Friday.
Major Banks have ATM's.
Banks accept Travelers Checks.
The exchange rate between Jamaican dollars and all foreign currencies changes daily.
Foreign exchange kiosks and banks often add 5% when you convert hard cash (for the major currencies; more for other currencies).

ATM's - as well as at most banks, ATM's are located in some larger grocery stores.
ATMs typically add 2% (and then most also add ATM service charges).

Cambios - In most cases the best currency conversion rate will be available at a cambio (money exchange) or at a bank. Hotels or shop usually don't give you the same conversion rate. You can find many cambio locations in all major tourist areas in Jamaica. You can convert US dollars, Canadian dollars, British pounds, and Euros into Jamaican dollars at almost any cambio.
Cambios are available at the airports in Montegeo Bay and in Kingston in the arrival and departure areas. Banks, cambios, and most larger hotels/resorts will exchange US dollars as well as British pounds, Euros, and Canadian dollars. The exchange rate will be different between banks, hotels/resorts, stores, etc.

Credit Cards - most hotel, large shops, restaurants accept credit card with Visa and MasterCard the most popular. American Express cards may incur an additional fee.
Smaller stores, street vendors and local restaurants may not take credit cards or if they do may charge an additional service fee.
Your bank your financial institutions will charge a fee for foreign and foreign denominated transactions for debit and credit card purchases of goods and services. Ask your Bank what their international fee will be before you travel.
Credit cards typically add 3% (for the major currencies; more for other currencies).

If you are paying in cash in US dollars it is best to pay as close to the exact amount as possible as any change due back to you must legally be given in Jamaican currency.
Its always a good idea to have US dollars in $1. and $5. denominations for shopping and tipping.

Medical Information:

Negril Health Centre (Govt): 957-4926 - Doctor's Medical Clinic (near HiLo): 957-3770

Omega Medical Clinic (near Roundabout): 957 - 9307

Registered Nurse with US and Jamaican License
Beth can assist with any medical emergency and she works with local doctors as your advocate.
Phone: 464-2894
Not in Negril June, July, Aug, and Sept. but phone still rings and she can offer assistance.

Business Needs

ATMs in Negril are available in a number of locations.

Negril Service Center on the beach road provides all your printing, photography, PC Recovery, Arial Video & Photo, Maps, CD & DVD Printing and Internet Cafe.

Local Travel

If you are in Negril and want to rent a car for any number of days there are 2 local companies that have a variety of vehicles.

Happy World Car and Bike Rental - 10% off for Onestop Clients (lots of nice cars, bikes and scooters) - across from Beachcomber Club, next door to The Rayon Hotel - Phone: 957-4004

Vernon's Car Rental located at Fun Holiday Resort on the beach road- 876-957-4354

Shopping in Negril

Shopping is available from craft stalls, both on the street and at the two craft markets. Something to catch your interest will also be found in tourist souvenir shops, and duty-free stores. Woodcarvings, straw goods, indigenous art, perfumes, watches, and jewelry are available. One can also buy an array of cooking spices and sauces, Blue Mountain coffee, rums and liqueurs, and cigars. Jamaican music is available on CDs.

There are three shopping centers in town. On Norman Manley Blvd. (the beach road) - the largest center is Time Square. The complex is comprised of duty-free specialty stores and gift shops.
At the roundabout in the center of town, one can find the ValueMaster grocery store, fruit stalls, the Digical Jamaica communications center where phones, phone cards may be purchased, pharmacy, beauty supplies, office supplies and other small shops.
In the Hi-Lo Shopping center (on the road towards the cliffs, one will find an arcade with more gift shops, a large air-conditioned grocery store, outdoor eateries, a travel agent, two banks, pharmacies etc.
Just past the Hi-Lo shopping centre is Traders grocery store.

All grocery stores sell liquor, household needs and non prescription drug store items.

The beach and cliff roads also have many little corner stores selling liquor, beer, phone cards, suntan lotion etc. and basic grocery items.

For those looking for authentic Jamaican carvings and other items, please be sure to check out the open air Craft Market beside the Negril River near the center of town.

Beachwear - colurful sarongs are available everywhere, serve as a beach coverup or wrap and make great gift to take home (they fold up very small). Bathing suits are also available but with less selections.

Wooden Carvings are a popular gifts or mementos to take home. The quality and authenticity determine the price.

There are more authentic crafts/gifts/art at stores that only sell "Made in Jamaica" where you will pay more for the craftsmanship.
Many of the touristy gift shops or beach vendors have colourful and fun things to purchase that will remind you of Jamaica but may be made elsewhere.

Bargaining is expected when shopping in Jamaica except at higher end shops.

Negril Resource Links

A collection of hand picked resources from around the internet.

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