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River Bumpkin Farm Kayaking Over Waterfall 1

River Bumpkin Farm Adventure Tours

River Bumpkin Farm Adventure Tours

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Escape from reality to a world of rustic charm at The River Bumpkin Farm. Nestled in the heart of the lush Trelawny forests, this gorgeous plantation takes you off-the-beaten-path to a site brimming with exciting eco-excursions.

The setting is stunning, with waterfalls, limestone caves, foliage bordering the riverbank and all manner of birdlife.

With everything from river tubing and kayaking down the Martha Brae River to bicycle trekking past historic ruins, The River Bumpkin Farm is the perfect place for the whole family to enjoy.

River Bumpkin Farm Adventure Tours

River Bumpkin Farm Adventures are located 2 1/2 hours from Negril, Jamaica offering the following adventures:

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Tours at River Bumpkin run Monday - Friday ONLY

River Bumpkin Farm Hammock Couple Break Adventure

Break Adventure

Sit back, relax and enjoy the warm sunshine along the riverbank. This unique experience combines the best of the beach and the river all in one stunning location. Enjoy the views of the cascading waterfalls of the Martha Brae River as you lie on comfortable chairs. Hungry? No worries 'Mon! We’ve got Jamaica’s best jerk chicken and homemade Bumpkin Pumpkin soup ready for you! The spices used in our jerk seasoning as well as in our soup are all grown directly on our farm along with the pumpkins!

River Bumpkin Farm Tubing Happy Tubing


The adventure starts the moment you board your tube at the water's edge. As you navigate the peaceful river, your knowledgeable guide will show you the ropes and introduce you to a seldom-seen side of Jamaica. Be on the lookout for exotic, indigenous animals living in this luscious tropical habitat. Experience the twists and turns brought on by the river and take-in the majestic scenery of Jamaica.

River Bumpkin Farm Kayaking Kayaking


Share a wonderful adventure built for two. Start by venturing on a short scenic walk along the riverbank to an open area where you will find your kayak waiting. You will find yourself immersed in the tranquility of the water as your kayak glides through. Around the bend, the river begins to pick up the pace, challenging you to paddle through various areas of the picturesque river pools.

River Bumpkin Farm Bicycle Trek Bicycle Trek

Bicycle Trek

Discover a side of Jamaica known only by a lucky few. Tear yourself away from the beach and go on a picturesque bike ride along the gorgeous Martha Brae River. Spot cascading waterfalls as well as phenomenal ruins including a once-working aqueduct, a mill house and a former distilling house. Enjoy the wonders of Jamaica on this unforgettable ride.

River Bumpkin Farm Rafting Viewing the Scenery Bicycle Trek and Bamboo Rafting

Bicycle Trek and Bamboo Rafting

When you arrive at Martha Brae you will enjoy the pleasures of meandering downstream on a bamboo raft with your own raft captains as your personal guide. After rafting you will then be taken to the River Bumpkin Farm where you will experience a part of Jamaica's unique past as you take a leisurely bicycle ride through historically-rich paths. Follow your guides along the Martha Brae River to the Potosi Estate Boiler House Ruins and waterwheel with a tour of the ruins. The adventure culminates in the river where guests get to cool down in its pristine waters.

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